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Live from The Fleece in Bristol on tour with Mad Dog McRea, Check it out

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EPs available online, Check it out

Playing Exmouth Festival in The Gardens
Supporting Cosmo Jarvis at The Cavern, Exeter
Supporting Cosmo Jarvis at The Cavern, Exeter
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Latest News

25th Mar 2014

New Dog...

We are pleased and honoured to announce that Ms Tracy Voaden, vocalist extraordinaire has joined our line up. She's not only super cool and an all-round groovemeister, but something magical happens when Paul, Dave, Tracey and Si all sing at the same time - it's truly got to be heard to be believed!! Until she feeds us too much tequila and then it doesn't sound so good, but us boys are all working on our tolerance to the stuff...happy days! :)

2nd Jan 2014


After a fantastic end of the year with lots of really fun shows supporting Mad Dog McRea we're really looking forward to 2014 - lots of cool stuff to look forward to, and we've got some cool live footage which you can see here

12th Oct 2013

Mad Dogs All Around

We are lucky enough to be supporting the wonderful Mad Dog McRea for 5 shows before the end of the year. It's always such a blast to share the stage with them, cannot wait!! Hope to see some of you canine friendly people there...

24th July 2013

Video too?

We had very little footage of the band playing, so we took to the rooftop for a performance so acoustic it didn't even require microphones for the vocals! Was a lot of fun, which we think comes across, check it out! Big Bad Wolves & Bohemian Grove

21st June 2013

The end of a (very short) era?

3 support shows for the mighty Mad Dog Mcrea later, and we're bruised and battered but we'd like more please...such a lot of fun, lovely bunch of musicians, lovely responsive fans at the shows - really was a brilliant time all around! Rumours about possible additional support shows abound, so keep your paws crossed for us...

3rd June 2013

Work in Progress...

So we took some time off regular gigging and we've been hard at work in the rehearsal room over the last few months working to get all of the dogs howling together in unison. 4 part harmonies are maybe stretching it, but the addition of Si's booming bass voice and J's more delicate high lines are making such a difference to the roundness of the sound and it's such an amazing tool when we're writing material - so you can all look forward to sonic masterpieces at our future shows which we're now in the process of getting booked...

Upcoming Shows

Sat Sep 20th

Private Party, London